Malfy Originale Gin

750ml Bottle

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    Pernod Ricard
    41% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Malfy Originale Gin is a classic dry style gin made with Italian juniper and five other botanicals and blended with Italy's purest source of mineral water – from the nearby Monviso mountain spring. Malfy Originale Gin is a perfectly balanced, premium Gin. Malfy Originale Gin is distilled with Juniper, Coriander, and five other botanicals. It is blended with pure spring water from the nearby Monviso mountain - the highest altitude source of any spring in Italy. Malfy GQDI (which stands for Gin di Qualita Distillato in Italia) is packaged in a flint glass bottle overlaid with a blue label representative of the crystal clear water of the snow-capped peak of Monviso. Made in Torino, Italy, from the finest spring waters and Italian juniper berries, Malfy Gin is perfect for creating world-class cocktails, or simply enjoying it on the rocks! Malfy Originale Gin lends itself to many classic delicious cocktails and mixed drinks – it is the gold standard for a Gin & Tonic or a Malfy Martini (of course!), and it puts the 'Real' into a Real Negroni. Enjoy!